Our Vision

To create a welcoming gathering space filled positive conversation and connection.

Our aesthetic will embrace our passion for the environment, gardening, and sustainability.

Our goods will showcase our belief in supporting independent brands through our carefully curated selection of craft beer, wine, cider and provisions.

Craft Beer

We are committed to supporting INDEPENDENT breweries. We showcase local and regional beer from smaller brands to help the craft beer industry grow and thrive.

Wine, Cider, and Artisanal Beverages

We source wine from smaller vineyards that celebrate values such as sustainability, biodiversity, and culture. We have a curated selection of reds, whites, rosé, and natural, biodynamic wines.


We are gardeners and plant lovers in our spare time. We value organic, sustainable gardening and support farms that share those values. We have houseplants for sale year-round, along with planters and plant care items. We will host Native Plant Sales in the near future, as we have a passion for environmentally and pollinator-friendly plants.

Draft List

Click the top of the Draft List to view the current draft selections at Pelagic Beer & Wine and Riparian Provision Company.

Our Journey